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If you have a playlist from Youtube (or any other website) - we can help download videos in mp4 or convert to mp3

Search doesn't work for playlists, so you need to copy playlist URL address and head over here.
Paste link into this box, and press the big download button to the right to begin converting video.

How to download Youtube video playlist?

Download Yt playlists, convert to mp3/mp4

If you find playlist URL link - copy it into your device clipboard then come over here to Y2mate. We will help you download videos from the playlist, or convert them to mp3 format, or any other format you like. We can even help with your personal My Mix URL from Youtube menu, just copy it via browser address bar and come over here, we'll help you. Download videos 1 by 1, convert to mp3 also one after another. Nothing extra, all lean amazing music and video.

Download playlists from other websites

Y2mate can help you download videos from other websites that support playlists and allow you to share those playlists on social networks and such.. This is important because some apps or portals do use playlists, but only for the local use and exchange. We here help with online playlists accessible without any registration or personal accounts. Such sites include Youtube, of course, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, even multi-video threads from Reddit and posts from Instagram will be treated here as playlists. As long as there is a multi-video/audio thing going - try to isolate it in browser separate window and copy URL to bring it here for analysis. We will try to help, if we can.


FAQ - Questions & Answers

Where can I find files downloaded from a playlist?

Usually files are stored in the default download folder. But if there's nothing can be found - try going into browser menu and option Downloads there will present you with the list of all recent files you downloaded.

Does playlist downloader work for other websites?

Yes, if you know a site with playlist, - copy the playlist URL and give it to us, we will then try to help you download videos or extract audios from them.

What is the easiest way to download Youtube videos playlist?

  1. Find the video playlist you want to download, copy its URL link to clipboard.
  2. Visit y2mate and insert the playlist URL into the form, hit Download.
  3. Now pick what videos you want, click on those 1 by 1, select size/quality you'd like, and convert and download files.
  4. Proceed to the next video you want to download or convert to mp3.

Are downloads limited somehow for large playlists?

No, we don't limit downloads, as long as you only do 1 video at a time, which is a given for playlists.

How to download vids from Youtube playlist on a mobile?

Due to bulky nature of playlists and their processing, we don't recommend doing it on mobile devices, best you do it on a desktop or a laptop computer, or their Apple equivalents.

Playlist downloader app

Add to Home Screen

Here at Y2mate nobody needs any software to do video downloads and conversions from Youtube. But if you like - we have the browser-suggested online web-app wrapper for the website. Just click the button below and on Android and Windows systems you can install our website as a light-weight native app. It works and looks just like the website, so there's not much to it. Never needs updates, or rather updates are handled automatically by the browser.. Try it out, you can uninstall it with 2 clicks (or taps). Did we mention the app was for free? Well, now you know.. Try this app, it is a real belter, we recommend it.

Playlists with shortcut

Convert to mp3

For Apple products users we have this amazing shortcut in place. And anyone on PC using desktop or laptop can use this shortcut. Mobile spartphones - they can use this too, but actually saving this button to your bookmarks will be a hard-to-perform step on mobiles, while desktop allows you to simply drag and drop the button to your bookmarks section of your favorite browser. When saved it, click it any time while browsing a video on Youtube or any other source. What happens is that the bookmark copies video page URL address and sends you and that URL directly here to Y2mate, which allows you to skip the copy-paste part of the workflow.